Summer Sessions for public about Special Relativity Theory

Hall 149 - Faculty Of engineering Ain-Shams University

Mon, 01 Aug 2016 , 02:00 pm

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Astronomy Club ASU is offering you a journey across the galaxy and beneath the atomic scale to discover the wonders of our universe through free sessions in summer by discussing three interesting topics :

- Special Relativity :

In 1905, when Albert Einstein was just 26 years old , a mental storm broke out in his mind ,at least that is how Einstein himself described his theory later ,and the result of this storm of thinking is the special relativity ,a theory that completely transformed our understanding of space , time, energy and matter . Einstein found a completely counter to experience that clocks in motion take off time at a slower rate that means time is not constant ,and he found that space could change from one to another ,and of course he also found the most famous equation in all physics E=mc^2 ,establishing the deep hidden connection between energy and mass
In our course we will learn and understand all that ,we will know how our magnificent universe acts in high speeds ,not only “How” but also “Why” , and that is the special theory of relativity.

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