Summer Sessions for public about General Relativity Theory

Hall 149 - Faculty Of engineering Ain-Shams University

Wed, 03 Aug 2016 , 02:00 pm

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Astronomy Club ASU is offering you a journey across the galaxy and beneath the atomic scale to discover the wonders of our universe through free sessions in summer by discussing three interesting topics :



- General Relativity :

Meet the imagination of the realistic universe with a herd of extraordinary information and theories, which will make you able to imagine the mind blowing fact of our universe, observing isn't always enough, knowing and predictions are much more fun!! Stay tuned for beating the gravitational mystery, and for invading our larger home. Our general relativity session will include:
-- Properties of universal mechanics
-- Equivalence theory
-- Twins paradox
-- Space-time fabric
-- Movement in space-time
-- Geometrical means in GR
-- Universal applications

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